Maungatapere Transport

Locally Owned & Operated for over 50 years serving Northland

About Us

Situated on the corners of two State Highways, 14 and 15, Maungatapere Transport is a convenient stop for local farmers in and around the Whangarei and Kaipara districts. Housing a general hardware store and stocking items for most around the home and farm jobs; we are a popular choice to avoid an arduous trip into town. Having spent over 50 years in the community of Maungatapere; the local knowledge available is better than any Google search.

The village of Maungatapere receives its name from one of the three prominent mountains nearby, Whatitiri, Maunu and Maungatapere. Translated from Te Reo Māori, Maungatapere (pronounced “mow - ngah - tah - peh - reh”), is the meeting place by the mountain. There is a typical-quiet-kiwi proud community here that Maungatapere Transport is proud to represent and support.

Truck Journal Feature

Click to read the full article

Click to read the full article

Maungatapere Transport was featured in the June 2009 issue of Truck Journal. This article outlines the history of service to our local Northland community for over 50 years with special mention of founding owner, Bill Morgan. From a strong foundation of reliable service to customers it is easy to see how Maungatapere Transport has grown into a trustworthy service for the local community. 

The article also features some great photographs that have been collected over the company's 50 years of service. 



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